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Forward Air Corporation is a leading provider of time-definite surface transportation and related logistics services to the North American air freight and expedited LTL, truckload and distribution markets. We provide scheduled surface transportation of cargo as a cost effective, reliable alternative to air and integrated transportation.

Since 1995, we have experienced rapid growth in revenue from $63.6 million to $474.4 million in 2008 and in operating income from $6.4 million to $70.2 million.

We transport air freight that must be delivered at a specific time, but is less time-sensitive than traditional integrated services with additional logistics services for the transportation industry.

The Corporation has two primary operating groups.  Forward Air, the wholesale expedited ground transportation in a scheduled LTL network and through full truckload operations, serves forwarders and airline customers in North America; and Forward Air Solutions, a pool distribution services provider with dedicated delivery resources for specialty retail, hospitality, healthcare, publishing and other industries across 27 states.

You can find additional investor relations information on Forward Air Corporation here.

Forward Air Solutions, Inc.

The Company’s newest enterprise is Forward Air Solutions, Inc., a distribution services provider operating a network of 18 pool distribution centers with customized delivery services that reach storefronts in 27 states. 

Through the initial purchase of USA Carriers in 2007, two subsequent acquisitions and strategic investments in facilities, fleet and technology, Forward Air Solutions is now one of the most comprehensive distribution services companies focused on the operating concept of pool distribution. 

Our customers experience the benefits of less handling, consolidation of LTL shipments, intense security controls and time specific deliveries to provide both operating and cost efficiencies as we transport their products to stores reliably throughout the United States.

We are able to take advantage of natural synergies where Forward Air’s LTL and truckload services are utilized in many segments to move goods from customers’ distribution centers to our pool terminals.  Forward Air Solutions' delivery expertise integrates well with our Forward Air Complete product in many cities.  The knowledge and experience of both operating groups provides collaboration opportunities that ultimately benefit every one of our customers.

Forward Air, Inc.

We have a network of freight terminals located on or near airports in 82 U.S. and Canadian cities, including our central sorting facility in Ohio and 11 regional sort centers that create the most effective linehaul network in the industry. We utilize a flexible source of capacity made up of owner-operators and, to a lesser extent, other surface transportation providers, which results in a largely variable cost operating model with low capital requirements.

Forward Air also offers our customers a full menu of neutral logistics services including:

  • Forward Air CompleteSM, an integrated end to end service for the wholesale shipping community combining linehaul with pickup and delivery options for reliable, single source transportation
  • Forward Air Truckload XpeditedSM, our exclusive-use truckload service for larger point-to-point consignments and dedicated fleet services
  • Forward Air Airline Logistics, a customized service program for domestic and international airlines handling every aspect of linehaul, container management and network expansion
  • Freight Management services, offering a full range of terminal services including 30 container freight stations, container devanning, intermodal services, consolidation, distribution, short and long-term storage, cross dock and warehousing in our 66 stations throughout the U.S. and Canada

These services are critical to our primary customer base, the wholesale transportation community, which includes logistics companies (3PLs), freight forwarders, customs brokers and airlines that arrange transportation of cargo for manufacturers and distributors.  These companies traditionally do not provide the actual transportation and may prefer to use single source providers that can deliver more supply chain services.  Forward Air’s service menu has been enhanced to give our customers better choices.